Sharang Biswas: Project Update

I had multiple guests visiting so I have an excuse. But I:

1) Did a bunch more lesson- planning (which is basically game design) for my role as Runes Professor at the New World Magischola LARP. Attached a photo of what my character will kinda look like. Thee work actually spurred some ideas for a sequel to  Basic Principles of Incantation
2) Verdure is nearly done! Did a bunch of back and forth with Sweta to finalize the design. I suspect I’ll release it this week!
3) My illustrator, MJ Barros, sent in the first image for Hex Ed! Okay, not strictly my work, but I’m still excited! It’s SO GOOD
4) Made a tiny amount of progress on the Unmasked adventure, which is due this week, ugh. Need to make more progress…
5) In honour of Pride month, started work again on a queer, poly witchy Twine game I began ages but never finished. I also found an interested illustrator! And by “started work”, I mean go over old notes and re-read stuff.
Here’s the current intro:
So there’s this dude.
His name is Jamie. He’s in your Calculus class. So he’s smart.
You’ve seen him volunteer at children’s hospital. So he’s kind.
He has brown hair that he keeps short. He has a birthmark right above his lip. He’s on the swim team. Even your girlfriend thinks he’s hot, and she always scoffs at your taste in guys. So there’s that.

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