Eric Hagan: The Soliphore Towers

At times I’ve struggled to figure out where the boundary between professional work and submissions for The Weekly Weekly, partially because a part of my career is to continue developing professional work. While this project is more than a single week of work, I found myself constantly splitting it into week-long development segments. The final installation for this project, titled The Soliphore Towers which is a part of my ongoing series and interest in semaphore based projects, took 6 days total (including delivery). Each tower is 4ft x 4ft x 12ft, and consists of a double crank system, one which controls the blue flag connected to a set of coated wire rope and pulleys). The other crank controls the red flag and is attached to a set of sprockets and roller chain. This interactive and kinetic sculpture series is focused on the physical dynamics of communication and how the conversation necessarily shifts when listening becomes a visual endeavor. How does the message we send become altered with a slower rate of communication? The Soliphore Towers can be seen every weekend in September as part of the Governor’s Island Art Fair.

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