Sharang Biswas: Do all the things!

As usual, I’m behind with this
1) Along with Lucian Kahn, applied to the Effing Foundation for a grant to produce an event an possibly make a book about games themed on sex and sexuality
2) Making progress on my D&D 5e adventure for the adventure mixtape anthology
3) Bunch of writing for Wolf at the Door. This week, focussed on writing events.
4) Built a character for a new actual play Twitch game I’ll be on, A Star-Crossed Rose in the Garden of Midnight
5) Lots of reading and course design for my game design course at the International Center of Photography. Received my official faculty letter, so that was cool!
6) Ran a mini “Museum Game Jam” with a handful of other game designers at The Met. Here’s a thread about what we came up with. My game tested well, so I’ think I’ll submit it to the next issue of Codex , a gaming zine
7) Neon hit a hiccup where we had to change choreographers. But now that’d done and we should be good.
8) Attended Analogue Holodeck, a conference at Northeastern University bringing together game people and theatre people. Had a jam and made a project I’m pretty proud of. It may move forward, we’ll see…
9) Edited and submitted a short story I’d written earlier to call by a magazine. Fingers crossed!

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