The Weekly Weekly is a new media art collective 


Art is as much a communal experience as it is an individual interpretation. The Weekly Weekly is a community that supports individual passions as a shared experience.

Homeward Bound launched in 2020 as our Virtual Exhibition Space. It was developed and built by the members of The Weekly Weekly.

Submit Your Work

The email comes out every Wednesday. To get involved and submit your work just follow this three step process:

1. Do
Find something you love to do that could use a weekly cadence of completion.

2. Submit
Submit your progress by Monday night (11:59 Monday Night) to have your work included in Wednesday’s newsletter.

3. Show Up
Come to The Monthly Weekly for actual human interaction about your work.

Join the Discord

Join us on discord and keep your creative backchannel going

Home Office Hours

7:00 – 8:00 pm

Every Wednesday​

We’ll be live in Homeward Bound every Wednesday for creative inspiration, critique, and dialogue.