Homeward Bound Opening Reception
November 13
7:30 PM EST

Opening Night Performance
Nov 13th @ 8pm + 10pm
Nov 14th @ 6pm + 8pm + 10pm

Directed by Sanaz Ghajar
Featuring Lex Alston, Olamide Candide-Johnson, Joshua Echebiri, Deniz Khateri, Vincent Santvoord, Isaiah Washington
Design: Emma Hasselbach, Dave Tennent, Elinor Vanderburg, Audrey Taylor Lane
Assistant Director: Ana Radulescu

Tickets: $10 Suggested Donation for Entry.

Homeward Bound is an online festival for everyone stuck inside. This web-based 3D art gallery and performance space was created to support video art, photography, interactive installations, music, audio, sculpture, and theatrical performances.

Built for and by our community of artists and makers, this playground for virtual experiences will open its doors to the public on November 13th and continue to grow as a living, digital art space.

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