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Dennis Roberts Cube Simulator: VR

I used this week to get a very simple VR game off the ground, and ...
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Vincent Drayne: Sketches and Renderings

I’ve been trying to experiment with different styles in my 3d work recently. This last ...
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Kelly Rio Saxton: Research

This week I prepped for a presentation, and in doing so, I made a summary ...
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Sharang Biswas: Verdure Update

Made some slow progress on the 2-player RPG I've started called, Verdure. Started working on ...
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Vincent Drayne: Cinema 4D Experiments

I’ve been doing daily exercises in order to teach myself new programs and things. It’s ...
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Sharang Biswas: Room #27

This week I contributed to Michael Prescott's "The Rock of Far Tsuth" Project. It's a ...
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Matt Hayes: fArt.TS

fArt.TS is a functional art-making TypeScript library, Verlet physics integrator, particle system simulator, 2d game ...
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Kelly Rio Saxton: Moar Wires

Continuing with some wire bending work, this time using pauses and rotations to make 3D ...
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Josh Knowles: Get Into Plastics

Another quick sketch, this one starting in a kind of a dub space and then ...
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Dennis Roberts: Space Pool

This week I played around with particles, trails, and post-processing effects. Not quite as "primitive" ...
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Dennis Roberts: Jenga Simulator

A cool aspect of this Primitives project is that the games don't have to be ...
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The Weekly Weekly Podcast #001: “The One With Mark Kleback”

The Weekly Weekly Podcast #001: "The One With Mark Kleback"      For our first podcast, ...
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