The Weekly Weekly is a new media art collective dedicated to the progress of art

We move forward with passion and compassion
We stop at nothing to support each other
We build the platforms for our own success


We started in 2018 with the simple mission of providing a platform for progress, and started experimenting with motivation and support. The name ‘The Weekly Weekly’ simply comes from the weekly mailing list that started it — a weekly, weekly. The idea was simple – do stuff, send it in, get it published.

This small idea grew into what we are today – a community of new media artists who’s mission is to support each other in support of our work. Through the mailing list, the meetups, the gallery shows and the virtual spaces, we work to push our art through those tough creative blocks, to experiment with new mediums and technologies, and to master the foundational skills that support our endeavors. 

The group was founded and is currently facilitated by Adam Quinn, a creative technologist in Brooklyn, NY.