Homeward Bound

Installations, Music, Art & Performances in a home-grown platform of, by and for everyone stuck inside. 

Our shows are a lifeblood of our organization, and this year we’re taking things virtual. Homeward Bound is a community-built platform for our community to show off their work. 

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Proposal Primer: Quarantine is weird. Let’s get weird indoors and work within the boundaries, we’ve created, or that were created for us.

Clear Boundaries & Unclear Boundaries: The destruction of the boundaries caused by quarantine slide work, life, love and play into each other into like brackish water, and created clear and distinct boundaries between you and the world outside.

Project Criteria: Projects may reflect the brackish indistinctions in your life, and improvisations caused by clear boundaries created that may have affected your ability to create (whether that be lack of materials, people, resources, or motivation)

Experimental: This is a chance to explore your improvisations – the more experimental and improvisational the better. The more you can respond to your boundaries the better. 


A Virtual Exhibition

Homeward Bound is a virtual exhibition, navigable in an everyday web browser. 

Because of the nature of remote viewing (not the ESP kind), we’re accepting submissions for a variety of forms of art including but not limited to:
– Interactive
– 2D (Photography, Illustration, Fine Arts)
– 3D (could be photogrammetry or scans of sculpture)
– Recorded performance
– Live performance


Submission Deadline

September 30th, 2020

Examples of Work

Examples of your work don’t have to include a proof of concept if you don’t have one, but should show sketches or intended outcomes of the work. Examples of other work should be included if no proof of concept exists so we can get a better understanding of the possibility of work.