Matthew Arnone: Summerhouse

I haven’t posted in awhile but summerhouse progress continues! slow but steady.

Matt Hayes: Art.ᴛꜱ – gradient texture

Added a whole new display with screenshots to my little lab project, and did some noodling around with…

Chloe Lee: Glitch Hands

Video experiment in blender

Matt Hayes: Maslow’s Particle System

I recorded myself doing a talk for OpenJS World 2020 on Abraham Maslow and particle systems (link: You can see the demo here:… the source code here:… and my slides here:

Matthew Arnone: Summerhouse

More progress! more props! more shit getting animated!

Hayeon Hwang: TBD (The virtual magnet sculpture)

This project is a virtual kinetic sculpture created from the physical form of materials and kinetic movements by…

Matthew Arnone: Summerhouse

Making a lot of progress this week, it feels like.

Matt Hayes: Art.ᴛꜱ

This week, I did a bit of experimenting on a kind of procedural “room” and some early physics…

Erin Finnegan: Puppet VR Murder Mystery

With 1.5 hours of uninterrupted computer time this week (and counting, as I type this) I was able…

Adamo: Adamo’s Neighborhood

I was able to combine all the pieces this weekend… the greenscreen, zoom, and puppets, for a puppet…

Erin Finnegan: Puppet VR Murder Mystery

Tiny, incremental progress continues. This week I realized that even by July my second film shoot might not…

Matthew Arnone: folder

I feel like I’m approaching something like an emotional center for the folder project. It’s now called Summerhouse….