Adam Quinn: Bad VR (A Working Title)

This is a draft of an intro to thought of a story. Enjoy. Prologue This story doesn’t need…

David Rios: Motorized Sliders

I started up the new year with some tests on motorized sliders.  These were intended to be part…

John Benton: Untitled XR Story

We are building a serial story world you explore on mobile or XR.

Erin Finnegan: Puppet VR Murder Mystery

In this interactive 360 film, “you” play a puppet detective, solving a comedic murder mystery starring a cast…

Paul Paradiso: Networked Fisher-Price Record Player

Adam Quinn: Constellations for the Extinct

I’ve been tooling around with the idea for this project since a trip out west last year. I…

David Rios: Hot Wire Testing

Continuation of my previous work.

Matthew Arnone: Sick Zoom

So! Made some real progress this week on approximating a handheld camera setup with digital zoom in unreal….

Kat Sullivan – MoCap #1

Still working on my yet-to-be-named integrated live performance. This week I worked on visualizing data from a motion…

Haoran Chang – Fire Therapy

This is a virtual reality project exploring fire therapy. Fire therapy is a Asian treatment that use fire…