Sharang Biswas: Effing Foundation and more

This week

1) Had a productive meeting with our performer/choreographers for Neon, and did some plot-writing for it. They’ll be doing a few rehearsals and devising session without me, thank goodness

2) We got into the 2nd round of the Effing Foundation grant! Worked on that for a bit.

3) Kept writing for the Adventure mixtape D&D adventure.

4) Got my game from the Museum Game Jam, A Shroud for the Seneschal, accepted by an indie games magazine!

5) Taught my first Lesson for my first-ever MFA course! (Photo attached)

6) Prepped for a call this week with a publisher interested in turning one of the games I made for an art gallery into a form people can play at home.

7) Worked on a freelance project with my design partner Max, where we’re making a mini-game for an interactive theatre project in Boston. The mini-game is about poetry-based magic.

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