Matt Hayes: fArt.Ts Update

Still working on porting the ImpactJS engine to TypeScript (and eventually _functional_ TypeScript). Been kind of another research week, here’s a bunch of links I’ve been digging into:

Anyone who’s ever tried to figure out WebGL (or WebGL 2) I’ve found these two sites to be super helpful:

* [WebGL Fundamentals](
* [WebGL2 Fundamentals](

“Entity pooling” is a common particle system optimization, and the ImpactJS engine docs have a good overview of when to use it and how to implement such a system:
* [Entity Pooling](

Finally, Vekta is a neat little code library that makes use of the [Proxy]( object to enable GLSL-style operator swizzling and other cool stuff:
* [Vekta](

Finally finally, in order to like, _do_ something and not just read a bunch of docs, I also started working on a custom logotype for 𝑓Art.ᴛꜱ.


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