Matt Hayes: Quadruple Catchup Update!

Week 29: July 9 – 16
Added a development build feature called “semantic releases” to Art.ᴛꜱ, the project is now automatically versioned and a minified distribution created each time significant changes are committed to the repository. You can see the releases here: … one big thing this means is that new experiments won’t write over/replace previous ones. I have a non-destructive history of my progress.

Week 30: July 16 – 23
Added a second “more than just a test” experiment, and my first in WebGL: (and pictured below).

Week 31: July 23 – 30
Spent a long weekend in Vermont. Did some sketching for the Neon show in November, and some brainstorming for a games competition I’m going to be participating in next week (2 weeks from when I was doing the sketching/brainstorming):

Week 32: July 30 – August 6
Added a refinement of the WebGL experiment, making the canvas stretch to fill the browser window and spent way too long trying to get the pixels crisp in Safari only to eventually discover that WebGL + CSS scaling is just broken in Safari (which is a bummer because that means it’s broken in mobile Safari on iOS and I was really hoping to make a “progressive web app”-type game … might have to figure something else out there. Anyway, see it here:

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