Sharang Biswas: Weekly Progress Report

Last week I

1) Finished writing and submitted my Unmasked adventure for the Cypher Cast magazine. It’s set in the 80’s and it’s Pride month so of course I added tonnes of gay stuff in it. Very happy with my illustrator Meghan Dornbrock! Attached a couple of the masks she drew. The issue of the magazine should be out in a month or so (I think?)
2) Did some more lesson planning for the upcoming LARP.
3) Failed to make progress on the Twine game womp womp.
4) Prepped and gave a narrative and games class at ITPCamp. Went well!
5) Applied to and received a mini teaching/art fellowship at an art school in NYC. Details TBD.
6) Had a conversation with the creators of a new project to write mini-D&D adventures to publish online in Fall. I’m totes going to do it. It’ll include a series of Youtube videos from all the writer-designers about their adventure design process
7) Thought about NEON. I’ll get there.
8) Prepped for a Shadows of the Demon Lord campaign I’m starting this weekend. Game-mastering can be hard work…

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