Sharang Biswas: Neon and more

1) Obviously worked on Neon. We’re now in devising/rehearsal mode with two phenomenal dancer-choreographers!

2) Finished teaching my class at the International Center of Photography! Image of one of the final projects the student made attached!

3) Did a lot more work for my adventure in the D&D Adventure Mixtape: an anthology of 4 D&D adventure modules with accompanying soundtracks. The Awesome Clio Davis (ITP’15) wrote and performed the track for my piece!
We’re aiming to release the anthology in the next couple of weeks

4) Finished developing our piece for Save the Munbaxa Victorian-magic themed interactive theatre showing piece in Boston this week! My co-designer Max and I mini class about learning magic themed on the mechanics and acoustics of English poetry.

5) Was invited to be part of a charrette and game jam at the Anti-Defamation League, focussing on using games to foster inclusivity

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