Sharang Biswas: Game Development

Last week I:
1) Played a game of Lovecraftesque for the Bored Ghost podcast. Episode should be out in a few weeks!
2) Ran my game Feast at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philly, as part of their exhibition “TAG: Proposals on Queer Play and the Ways Forward”. Drew up a new tie to wear for it!
3) Submitted a talk to the Game Devs of Colour Expo
4) Received edits for Hex Ed and submitted a 2nd draft!
5) Started on a top secret games project that I can only talk about later this summer (but my work is due like next week so chop chop…)
6) Did my first live stream of a tabletop RPG, a Cypher System game by Monte Cook Games. You can watch the recording here.
7) Had an exhausting week for my day job, so I’m just glad I got stuff done

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