Buzzfeed lists got nothing on us

Matthew Arnone

“Right now, I’m just gonna run with the results as the project. A few different ideas here but the common thread is occlusion and agency, maybe.”

Ashley Siebels
Slog Doodle

Weekly editorial illustrations about contemporary work culture.

Laura Schneider

These works were made for the exhibition “Fantastic Plastic.” The bits of plastic are from a recycling mechanism designed and built on campus. Hidden in the field of shredded plastic is a carcass of a bug, covered in plastic.

Matt Hayes

Excited to be back into a flow of noodling on my weird little project. Spent some time over the holidays cleaning up after the big push to get something up for Neon. Rethought how some of the code works, and started working on some primitive pixel drawing stuff (namely midpoint circle algorithm, and Bresenham’s line algorithm) … did a little research into some shader stuff, but that still kind of escapes me.