2018 – Week 01


This is a marathon, not a sprint, so for the fist week do one small project to start the year off. Simple and easily doable. The point is not to do something grand, but to start off the year with one small win. Then, over time, perhaps we’ll get used to doing the small things, and the cumulative result will be something greater.

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If you’re feeling like you need an inspirational boost, The Weekly Weekly now has it’s very own, terrible inspirational poetry chatbot, that may or may not make sense.

Just give it a text whenever you need some motivation, and I give a 100% money back guarantee that you will be motivated beyond your wildest dreams to do some crazy shit.

This is also a Beta, so it sucks right now, or maybe that makes it good.


January 4th – 8th: @ National Harbor, MD: MAGFEST
January 14th 12pm-12am @ H0L0: 12 Hour DroneFest
January 12th 7-9pm @ Pioneer Works: Opening Reception: Solid Light Works
January 18th 5-9pm @ Park Ave Amory: Opening Night Party
January 19th 7-8pm @ Pioneer Works: Four Simultaneous Soloists: Night One
Now – Feb 25th @ Museum of Art and Design: Sonic Arcade

January 31st 7-10 PM @ Tom & Jerry’s: The Monthly Weekly (our IRL meetup)

Want me to include more events next email? Let me know adam@theweeklyweekly.com

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