Unfolded Realities Day 1

An invitation to explore and experiment with our senses, reflect on our present and future realities, and immerse ourselves in stimulating experiences. This collection of ITP theses showcase a delicate combination of emerging technologies and challenging ideas. Unfolded Realities encourages the audience to interact, examine and reflect on life in a tech-enhanced world.

Thursday, April 25th

Sound Playground

Sound Playground is a group of semi-autonomous objects for those who need an anti-Alexa in their life and want to rethink their relationship with technology and other non-human elements. This environmental system soothes the eye and mind with sonic and tactile therapy practices.

Katya Rozanova is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer, and technologist, who uses traditional and emerging technologies to create work that examines people’s understanding of one another and their environment. Her focus is on interactive visuals and sculpture and audiovisual installations.

Inner Cadence

Inner Cadence is an interactive video wall that captures and amplifies people’s characteristic ordinary movements. By combining machine learning with motion capture, it reveals the audience’s individual identities by enhancing motion as a form of expression.

Nicolás Escarpentier is a Chilean non-binary new media artist and activist, who creates audiovisual experiences that augment and create non-conventional forms of expression and activism tools.


Frameworks is an installation that explores the multiplicity of meaning derived from the same subject. Each frame represents a different person’s point of view: as they stand behind it, move closer to it, and look at the subject through it, it shows different meanings derived from the same subject at different levels of detail.

Mohammad “MH” Rahmani is a new media researcher and designer from Iran. As a former software engineer and observational astronomer, he became the vice chair of Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter, and worked as a media production specialist along with his team for various Iranian creative agencies.


Processions is a kinetic robotic sculpture. This meditation questions the value systems latent in the automation of human function. Inspired by the rituals of impermanence in Asian spiritual practice, Processionsrepurposes production robots in the constant performance of spiritual tasks – the drawing and destruction of a sand mandala.

Barak Chamo is a new media artist whose work explores how meaningful connection can be evoked and fostered while living in a globalized modern society in the age of technological acceleration. Working across video, light, and kinetic sculpture, Chamo uses technology as a medium for self-expression and critical reflection.


Friday, April 26th


HiperCarnaval is a Virtual Reality experience that envisions an alternative future for our increasingly digital selves. Inspired by the colors, transformations, dance and the sheer humanity of Carnaval, it showcases the whole world as a paintbrush party of your own creation.

Gabriel Brasil is an immersive User Experience designer. He was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was previously a neuroscience researcher, journalist, and artist. The city taught him that there can be wisdom in chaos and immense beauty in our shared human experience.

Tonal Gravity

Tonal Gravity is an audiovisual installation that uses sound, light, and space to explore the ideas of discovery and musical harmony. With minimal instruction given, the viewer is invited to experiment with the piece and experience the musical possibilities it can unfold.

Dominick Chang is a multimedia artist working with light and sound. He is typically involved in lighting design, audiovisual installation and programming, as well as systems integration for performance.

Fisherman’s song

Fisherman’s song is an art installation that creates a space for audiences to experience the story and meaning behind an ancient Chinese poem. This interactive and immersive piece unfolds as users navigate around the space.

Ivy Huang is a New York based creative technologist and interaction designer. She uses a variety of visuals, sounds and interactivity to explore the collision of ancient cultural arts and modern digital technologies.


Kineme is a set of motion capture data sculptures about connection, made by analyzing the kinetic flow of improvised partner dances. This installation emotes the trust, vulnerability and somatic experience conveyed through their movement.

Asha Veeraswamy is a NYC based creative technologist exploring the physical, virtual & liminal space between. Her current work focuses on connection & transformation within communities – with an emphasis on multiuser modalities – using the mediums of motion capture, game engines, & digital fabrication.


Apr 25 2019


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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