Even building the Weekly Weekly has been done in weekly steps. Here’s the log of the journey below.

Week 7: It was a slower week on developing the site… but, I installed a ‘related posts’ plugin to help bridge the gap between what each post is, and how the projects are progressing. I tested it in the mailer (after I sent this one out… missed opportunity), and would like to be able to point back to posts as projects progress. It’s at the point now, where there’s enough work done on each project to see the progress made. It’s starting to come into itself.

I wanted to be able to do a piece on Conte, but that will have to come next week… the personal life was intense this week.

Week 6: I’ve rebuilt the website again so each post is tagged to the creator, and the thread of the project so it’s better searchable. I’ve found a better plugin to display my posts. I’m learning more about CSS to control the styles. We’ve hit 100 plays on the podcast.

I’ve put this in… The Meta Weekly… because progress is progress… and you gots to write about it, or show it, or let it be known… or just tracking for the fun of tracking…. is anyone reading this but me?

I found some new good templates for the mailer. Going to experiment with those a bit.

Week 5: We’ve produced the first Podcast, got it accepted into iTunes, had the first event, started figuring out scheduled posts on twitter, I think I need to rebuild the website again. Feedback from the Podcast was that it needs to be more dynamic. More in person experiences. We need to have a dynamic list of artists  and creators. Feedback on the website is that if I list the projects each as it’s own post, I can track the progress of projects, and also track the projects that the creators are doing.

Week 4: We’re recording with Mark this week for the podcast, learning tips for Podcasting, hosting, etc. I’ve rebuilt the site again to try to find the best way to organize projects. It’s going to be an ongoing process. Still learning CSS.

Week 3: More submissions are coming in. I’ve met with Dimatos about the Podcast… I guess we’re starting a podcast. Got to figure out how to record and create a Podcast. Apparently iTunes needs an RSS feed. I’ve met with Nitzan about hosting the first Monthly Weekly at Brooklyn Research. Things are building.

Week 2: I’m sending out the mailer tomorrow… and people have submitted things. Wow, it actually worked. Okay — I need to coordinate somehow between the mailer and the website… again, this is taking longer than expected.

Week 1: The First Mailer. The website is bare, just a welcome page, an about page, a contact page and signup page.  The first email went out, scheduled for 10 AM on Wednesday. I don’t know if Wednesday is the right way to go but its seems pretty good for a start. I can do the Monthly Weekly on the last Wednesday of each month… so the mailer and the website will align.

Week -1: I got a wacom tablet and have started dabling with creating gif sketches. I’m incorporating hand drawn graphics into this first mailer. The pre-mailer goes out to the mailchimp account. Okay… I’ve told everyone I’m doing this… looks like I should continue to do this. Who knows if this will work.

Week -2: Started with an email blast to the NYU ITP mailing list with the idea for a weekly inspiration mailing list. Seems to have a good response. I think this may work.

Week -3: How do I use mailchimp again? Getting set up with the mailchimp account and figuring out how to do that. The website is bought and set up with wordpress. I don’t know if this is the right way to go, but at least I’ve got a MYSQL database to work with. I got the mailchimp form working with WordPress for the signup. I’m new to wordpress, so this is all taking way longer than expected.

Week -4: I started the idea of the Weekly Weekly while working from A/D/O. I wanted to go to L.A. for a shoot, that I probably should have been at, but I was stuck in Brooklyn. I’d just read a post from a friend on instagram from McSweeny’s. The tag line is ‘Daily humor  almost every day since 1998’. That’s funny. Like a daily daily. I should make a Weekly Weekly… that’d be the mailing list… the Monthly Weekly… that can be a monthly social gathering… the Yearly Weekly… that’ll be the zine at the end of the year that publishes the select projects from the year. The domain is open, let’s get it.