Sharang Biswas: Verdure Update and More

This last week I was consumed with prepping for the Living Games Conference, where I ran one game with my design partner, was on two panels, and gave the closing keynote. So I guess that was pretty creative!
Also managed to make a small bit of headway on a few projects:
1) Received the preliminary sketches from my Illustrator for Hex Ed. Gave some suggestions and am very excited for the final result
2) Received the first few drafts of Verdure from my graphic designer (Sweta Mohapatra ITP’16), and it looks awesome so far. She’s taking inspiration from actual medieval cookbooks.
3) Wrote up the first draft of my submission for the 200 Word RPG contest. It’s a 2-player game about horny teenage demigods. The main mechanics are stripping, gushing about how awesome and sexy the other character is, and angsting about personal insecurities. Testing it with a friend tonight, and still wrestling with a title. (So far I have “The Sacred Sexy”, and some sort of pun on “Seven Minutes in Heaven”… suggestions appreciated!)
4) Managed to write a little more for my Unmasked Adventure. Deadline coming up, ulp!
5) The conference was pretty inspiring and gave me a few thoughts on a LARP I’ve been ruminating on for a while with my design partner, about colonialism and forced language erasure, but using magic words as a metaphor. We’ll see how much progress we end up making…
6) Of course, the conference also spawned dozens of tiny, effervescent ideas that I pinned down in my  notes. They’ll probably end up pupating for a while before emerging (someday…)

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