Sharang Biswas: Verdure Update

This week I wrote a 2nd draft of Verdure, based on feedback from a couple of playtesters. I’ll be sending that out to more playtesters tomorrow.

Also tested the wizard-homework game with 2 testers (Clio Davis ITP’15 and Sweta Mohapatra ITP’16] and got some valuable insights! Below is the character sheet, but with playtesters stuff written all over!

For the same ga,e started writing some of the material to help game-masters create adventures for the player. Here’s an excerpt:

“Locations (each has a question for the student)

A cleaning in the Enchanted Forest lit by luminous birds that roost in the trees that ring it.

  • What rare magical plant do they spot that is known to grow in this forest?

A hidden study room in the library which houses a number of  texts, kept submerged in an oily potion within a large aquarium.

  • How does one get into this room?

The crenellated roof of one of the schools towers, where the night watchman hangs  his laundry to dry.

  • what mysterious sight do they spy in the distance, which the student might one day decide to explore?”

I’m also writing a couple of new articles, but those are paid gigs so not really part of Weekly Weekly.

Also spent the whole of Saturday demoing my last major game, Feast, at IndieCade East, and I guess that counts as creative work?


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