Sharang Biswas: Several Miles from Bluebeard’s Geek Initiative

Last week I:
1) Ran a game of Bluebeard’s Bride for some friends, game designers and artists in the area. Tabletop gaming is a great way to connect people! I tend to run this game differently from others, with a much more theatrical bent (pics below)
2) Worked out a contract with my illustrator for Several Miles From Heaven.
3) Came up with and lightly tested some game mechanics for Neon, inspired by the contra dancing I’ve recently started doing. Started speaking to a composer. My co-designer Nick O’Leary has started contacting actors and lighting people.
4) Was commissioned by The Geek Initiative for a small writing project for one of their unique digital LARPs. It’s for a short Halloween-themed game, to be run right before Halloween. Stay tuned for deets.
5) Did a fun little exercise where I tried to come up with game concepts based on artwork I saw at the LACMA. This is directly related to the game design class I’m teaching at the ICP this September, and also to the Museum Game Jam I’m running at the Met on August 25. You can follow the thread on Twitter
6) Started work on a one-off RPG about priests and architects of an ancient tomb, creating traps and spells to keep out grave robbers.

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