Sharang Biswas: Project Update

Week 26:

1) New World Magischola LARP is this weekend, so finished up prep for that. Excited to teach fake Magical Runes class!

2) Created and ran a Pride-themed adventure for the Monster of the Week roleplaying game, for a group of gaymers for Pride. It was super fun, and the final scene of the game was a group of queers rising up in joyous song, so yay!

3) Made incremembtal progress on Codename Caerus, and the adventure for the D&D anthology

4) Started thinking of submitting to NurtureArt’s call for artists.

5) spent all Sunday at a workshop at the Game Center, taught by legendary indie game designer Avery Alder!


Week 27:

Big part of my week was attending the Magischola LARP, so that ate up most of my time.

Other few things:

1) Started working on a new, dice-heavy game with my design partner Max Seidman. Did a simple playtest based on Max’s initial design. It was cool. It was inspired by a dream I had while we shared an AirBnB at Indiecade last year. Seriously.

2) Started bigger discussions about my upcoming dance-hacking thingy with design partner Nick O’ Leary

3) Applied to a bunch of calls for game writers.

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