Sharang Biswas: Last week I…

Last Week I:

1) Wrote a commissioned adventure for Flip Tales, a new, quick, family-friendly roleplaying game. My adventure is about trying to help a girls’ school that teaches witchcraft in a country that outlaws magic for women. I randomly decided to name everyone in the adventure after Indian desserts
2) Made progress on my column for Sub Q magazine, My first essay, about “rituals of reading” should be out in about two weeks. Working on my 2nd one.
3) Started planning a Spanking-Catholic-Confession game for the “Erotic Art Games” collection I’m making with Lucian Kahn, funded by the Effing Foundation. In particular, a friend recommended a particular Foucault chapter that’s relevant…
4) Brainstormed a bit for a new Food game. My aim is to make three or four my by the end of the year and then launch a Kickstarter that includes all of them.

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