Sharang Biswas: Lair of the Oneirovore

1) Submitted Verdure, and another game Feast to an exhibition in MO. Fingers crossed.

2) Started chatting with an illustrator to add art to Hex-Ed

3) Finished and submitted my entry “Lair of the Oneirovore” to the 1-Page Dungeon Contest, in collaboration with my friend Ben Morgan. I’ve attached his art, without all the writing I did.
Here’s the intro:

The oneirovore traps stray dreams in its web, pickling them into nightmares. Once nicely fermented, the dreams and any unfortunate dreamers trapped within are consumed by the monstrous creature.

The web is difficult to traverse and studded with captured dreams, as well as debris, and a few other denizens . Movement along the web produces vibrations that might alert any of the creatures.


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