Matt Hayes: 𝑓Art.ᴛꜱ Continued

Twelve days ago, [ImpactJS]( a small but very cool game HTML5 game engine (one that’s been around since 2010) was open sourced. Being an older browser-based game engine it includes a lot of cruft for dealing with how bad things used to be for browser developers, but under that cruft is a light weight, simple, and very powerful game engine.

This past week I started the process of modernizing the engine with the intention of eventually porting it into 𝑓Art.ᴛꜱ. That modernizing/porting project is happening in a fork of the now open sourced ImpactJS and can be poked at here: … nothing to _show_ yet, but hopefully next week I’ll have a little demo game working.



Impact JS

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