Matt Hayes: Brisket Bday

Last Saturday was my birthday, so I didn’t work on my computer too much. I did update the resizable WebGL experiment to animate like the first (non-resizable) one one did, and started adding some waveform related functionality to the little library that will power future experiments.

Updated experiment:
New library code (in progress):

Project URL:

Yesterday started the js13kGames contest ( The theme this year is OFFLINE … not quite sure what to do with that yet, but I’m going to try to use this month-long HTML5 game dev contest/hackathon to drive development on Art.ᴛꜱ. Expect some game-related experiments in the coming weeks.

Also on my birthday I cooked a brisket. It took a little over 20 hours, but it came out really good … that’s art right? Here’s a picture of it going in, and then 12 hours later:

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