Matt Hayes: “A Blackcap in Concrete” + 𝑓Art.ᴛꜱ

Week 27

I was in Argyle, WI last week doing the Residency on the Farm ( I spent a whole week camping on a farm, eating locally sourced foods, chasing goats out of the yard, and working on and thinking and talking about my interest in sculpture generally and concrete as a material/process in particular. The end result of this time is an approximately 3 foot tall concrete sculpture of a local berry called a blackcap (or black raspberry). Also, myself and the other residents gave little presentations at the local library to close out the week and you can see a recording of that on YouTube here: — my bit starts around 17:40 if you’re super keen to see me ramble somewhat exhaustedly about concrete. Though that presentation ends with my sculpture in a kind of incomplete state I was able to return to the farm afterward and complete it with the help of some of the other artists.

Week 28

I finally spent some time picking up work on 𝑓Art.ᴛꜱ again. The new repository home ( includes a bunch of new links and kind of rambling thoughts about what I wan the project to become (some of which has already turned out to be sort of wrong). I also set up a “continuous integration & continuous delivery” (or just CI/CD) system, and am now in a position to deploy generated experiments in a non-destructive way to a publicly visible gallery ( backed by a GitHub Pages organization site repository ( Nothing’s up yet as there is at least one kink to work out still, but it’s almost there.


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