Kelly Rio Saxton: Two weeks worth

The last two weeks were a bit of a break, but I challenged myself to continue animating with simplification constraints:
  • make one in less than an hour
  • make one from a drawing from life
Results were mixed. Now that I’m comfortable with my iPad-to-laptop flow, I can work pretty fast tool-wise. It’s the decision parts that take a long time. Where to put the motion? How to time it? I have studied some of the rules of motion for animation, but I keep experimenting instead of doing actual exercises that would prove I knew the rules. Counterproductive? Maybe. But I like the handmade feeling that retains some clumsiness. The nature of a looped movement still has some hypnotic pull for me.
I have not started working on the hardware for the installation I plan for the show yet. I was totally inspired by Vincent Drain’s work, though. The screens I will be using only do “black & white,” so I had been considering some graphic styling similar to his recent work. I will test out how line drawings work once I have the hardware ready for testing, but I suspect I may be following in Vincent’s footsteps for punchier imagery.

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