Kelly Rio Saxton: Sci-fi Mini-Animations

I have been wanting to learn new shortcuts for low-fi animation, with an eye on gifs. I’ve also been noticing that it’s possible that the gif as a format could be losing popularity in favor of other formats (ffmpeg or whatever). Since I am a stop motion animator at heart, I am ok with thinking of gifs as a venerable format of pixel-based flip books and loving them until they are really and truly retired.
These two gifs are based on old science fiction book covers I found torn off in a used bookstore. That old cover art is epic and I imagine making an online library to celebrate it, perhaps as a searchable grid of lightly animated thumbnails that you can click on to enlarge the original art, find out about the artist and story, as well as publisher details, etc. Meanwhile, I am playing with Adobe tools, and still need to work on that whole puppet-warp thing. It’s just terrible.

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