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This week I prepped for a presentation, and in doing so, I made a summary of some research I’ve done in the past. It actually took quite a bit of work, so I am just counting it as my thing for the week. However, maybe documenting the things you make isn’t really about always having the time to do exactly what you planned.

I think it’s ok to record the things you make even when they aren’t part of a big project or a means to a specific creative end. Sometimes you make an experiment, sometimes you make a mess. Sometimes you make a piece of art, sometimes you make dinner (and maybe occasionally dinner IS art).

My weekly submission is a two page spread that talks about some of the theories surrounding alternative learning styles. I had been researching the ways that creative agency affects learning outcomes (acquisition and retention of new information) in various settings. In particular, I was looking at how maker-spaces might affect learning across subjects for students for whom traditional classrooms just don’t really work.

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