Kelly Rio Saxton: Drawn Still Life in Motion

Last week’s creative endeavors were meager, but I’ve been wanting to try a new workflow so here it is a bit late.
Somebody said that using various software tools in conjunction was “cheating” when they saw my new experiments. I think it’s because we are perhaps attached to drawing as an analog process, especially if something has a look and feel of “real” pencil or paint. I had to disagree with some vehemence.
I love my digital tools and the more I practice with them, the more natural they feel. Yes, practice often includes learning a workflow across multiple devices and platforms, but is that really so different from changing media or technique in the physical world?
Hand/eye is still the way we create images, even if it’s a matter of typing in code that generates the images. I like to play around with the old skill I have carried from childhood because I feel like I’m standing on my own hard-earned base. I don’t think that we lose anything by introducing a different interface or even a couple of layers of digitization– an image is an image, and our bodies provide the perception.
Here’s the first sketch of the new workflow tests. I could go into the workflow, but instead I’ll explain the object. It’s a sketch of a castle observatory on another world. There is a portway for transport ships and the large observatory ring can be swiveled slightly to account for the type of polarization needed for their sensors.
More to come,

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