Kelly Rio Saxton: Deep Learning Workshop

Last week was Week 8, and I was deeply embedded in a workshop over at the School for Poetic Computation. That is to say that I was doing some [relatively] deep learning on machine learning and AI, so my internal cpu was maxing out in the best possible way. Since working in technology feels like surrendering to the eternal churn of newer-faster-“better”, we have all learned to keep learning. Like machines.

So this week I submit some notes that will form the base for future knowledge, which I suppose means what I “made” was the feathery tendrils of a new neural net in my own head.

As it turns out, I don’t have a great thing to show that I made during the workshop. However, it was a good reminder of the value of being hosed with high quality information by creative experts with excellent communication skills. I used the example code sets like the champion novice I am, and hope to show some of the experiments from the tools we were shown in the coming weeks.


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