Kelly Rio Saxton: Animations…

This week (and last week, though I didn’t submit) I worked on making gifs and sourcing the components to build more little screens for the installation.
It turns out that they don’t really make the screens any more, but you can still get the same part with some attachments from a couple of vendors– at about 10x the price.
That means my idea of making a shimmery set of the screens has been limited due to budget. It’s ok, I will have enough for 9 screens no matter what, and possibly get it up to 16 or more, depending on whether it rains money over the next couple of months. I have secured access to a goodly stash of the hardware, I just need to grow my funds.
In the meantime, I am continuing to play the clunky old frame animation game.
I could read up and follow somebody’s rules to make perfect motion, or I can do experiments to feel it out on my own. The latter is working well enough for me for now, but we’ll see what future weeks bring.
Here is a choppy, slightly disturbing disembodied head gif based on a photo.

Just add text for a creepy meme…

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