Dennis Roberts: Infinite Skier Update

This week I made some progress on my game from Week 3 that I said I was going to flesh out. I added health and points, which ended up being harder than it sounds. I was trying to figure out a way for the player to get hurt if you run into something, score points if you go over something, and not get hurt if you hit the top of something (because I suppose a skier would sort of grind like a skateboarder). The solution was to give every jumpable object two colliders, one that the player can run into, and one that’s just a trigger and scores points that floats above the first. If you hit either of them, the other one doesn’t work to score points or do damage any more. Also the faster you’re going when you hit, the more damage you take.
I also made a nice convenient little `Jumpable` class that all my objects extend, so it should help me develop it more rapidly going forward. Next step, make the points combo-able when you jump more objects at once, and make your jumps limited (and recharge as you go down the hill).

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