Projection Mapping

Goddesses – Sonia Li “I’m experimenting with projection mapping and portraying these dancers as goddess! The videos I’ve…

Buzzfeed lists got nothing on us

Matthew Arnone
Ashley Siebels
Laura Schneider
Matt Hayes

Letter from the editor #01

A note from The Weekly Weekly: I started The Weekly Weekly as an attempt to motivate the people…

Laura Schneider: Gestures of Resistance

In-process look at one of the Gestures of Resistance series. These works each pay homage to a female…

Kelly Rio Saxton: Tiny Screens

My interest in gifs sparked a connection with the creator of the Heartbone, a mini-gif player that can fit…

Sharang Biswas: Neon and more

1) Obviously worked on Neon. We’re now in devising/rehearsal mode with two phenomenal dancer-choreographers! 2) Finished teaching my…

Photo Day

Kelly Rio Saxton: Side Job

Week 38: Side Job As part of my collaboration for the upcoming show, I am doing work for…

Laura Schneider: Memories Once Removed series

This is the start of a painting of Jenny from the same, original drawing + a large print…

Sharang Biswas: Effing Foundation and more

This week 1) Had a productive meeting with our performer/choreographers for Neon, and did some plot-writing for it….