Adam Quinn: The Weekly Weekly Podcast Update

The podcast has been coming along. Going from producing video to audio is a whole new adventure and trying to master the art of the podcast one step at a time. I guess I’m building a new skillset, but it’s slow, and I just listen to podcasts, trying to dissect how they’re made, and produced, the transition techniques they use, the musical cues they use, the interview techniques and cutting back and forth between natural sounds and scripted VO. The more I listen to the good ones, the more I realize how much actually goes into producing just a few good seconds… and John and I are aiming for 20-30 minutes! Yeah, it’s going to be a long road until these are really smashing it, but the content is good. I’m really loving the opportunity to have great conversations with these amazing people.

I’ve got some equipment (and maybe it wasn’t the right equipment but who knows… I’ll definitely need some lavs for the interviews in the future) — Yeti mics that work pretty well. I’m liking them so far, so hopefully it isn’t a waste of an investment. They work with Adobe Audition, but to get both of them to work at the same time on a mac, you basically have to create a multichannel instrument in the sound options first, with both mics as inputs, then assign each one to a different channel in Audition. It was a hassle, but it can be done. Still, though, for uncontrolled environments, having lavs is going to be key.

The interview went pretty well, and here I’ve used some photographs I help put together for Sarah and Amelia’s promo material for the launch of their project “Your Hands Are Feet”, which is the focus of the next podcast. It’s still in production, but hope to get it out for next Wednesday.

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