Adam Quinn: Signal Switching

This week I’ve been focused on how to manipulate the world around to reduce anxiety. I realized that I could start with a series of experiments that looked to adjust things that were naturally designed to cause anxiety through color – things that spoke through the language of anxiety. 


Colors of attention
Facial expressions
Personal interpretations
Red hands
Blinking red lights
A door slams
Traffic cones
A stretcher
A hammer
A sale on the window of the shop

The phone rings
The phone buzzes
I’m notified about an email
I’m notified about the news
My favorite politician isn’t doing well in the polls.
The president has spoken
A gunman has killed dozens at a mall
The earth is warming at a drastic rate
There’s nothing I can do to stop big oil
There’s nothing I can do to stop homelessness
There’s nothing I can do to stop feeling inferior
I’ll never be taller than my brother or father
I’m not the smartest person in the room
I don’t have the answers to everything
I’m remembering the time I said something I shouldn’t have
The people around me are angry
I hear footsteps approaching the bathroom door
There’s a helicopter hovering overhead
I don’t have enough money for it
I used to have money for it
Other people have money for it
I’m running out of time
I’m getting old
I want my enemy to feel worse
What is the trigger for addiction
The trigger is dependent on the person

The Reduction of choice
Anxiety due to choice-
The paradox of choice

Experiments for the future:
Recolorizer – remove color hues or replace color hues
Turn that frown upside down

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